Jin Sei Kai

Jin Sei Kai Karate Assocation

Jin sei kai karate association

Jin Sei Kai is one of the UK's leading karate association. Founded by Sensei Paul Perry, 9th Dan, the association received the name 'Jin Sei Kai' from Perry's teacher - the world renowned Sensei Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa, 10th Dan.

Jin Sei Kai, under Sensei Perry's leadership, has achieved an envied reputation and much-respected position in the world of Karate. Acknowledged for its emphasis on good technique and health, Jin Sei Kai today offers students of all ages and abilities an unbeatable Karate formula to get fit and to have fun!

Jin Sei Kai has its roots in Shotokan, a traditional style of Japanese Karate, and the forms promulgated by Kananzawa. The association's aim is to identify the individual "self" in each student and to encourage each student to find his/her own self within a set of movements. Jin Sei Kai is a martial art and therefore the movements centre on self-defence. Kicking, punching and blocking movements are at the core. But a considerable emphasis is placed on understanding the body its strengths and its limitations so as to avoid injury to the student.

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